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Canin Cultural Council

Canin Cultural Council was started with a mission to provide and assist emerging artists in showcasing their talent and connecting with their audience. We support the work and development of visual, literary and performing arts. 

Our aim is to focus on collaborative projects with other artistic and cultural organizations with similar mandates. By building a stronger and more diverse yet unified arts community, we encourage literature, experimental art, visual arts, new media, music, dance, performance, and dramatic arts. We also hope to foster compassion and empathy within society by facilitating the understanding and acceptance of various global cultures and traditions that have found their place in the social fabric of Canada.

Image by Pauline Loroy
Image by Artiom Vallat

Our Vision

Canin Cultural Council’s vision is to become a go-to space for artists who wish to connect with their ideal audience, be it through a rigorous Public Relations Campaign, helping them access programming and grants or readings, live demonstrations and workshops. The Council hopes to allow artists practicing all forms of art to

  • Connect with their immediate and extended audience through collaborations, exhibitions, and public appearances

  • Provide crucial know-how and programming that will allow them to achieve their individual goals and be acquainted as experts within their chosen field of practice


“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

– Pablo Picasso


Our Team

Khalid Sayed


Khalid Sayed is the co-founder and Director of Jamun Media, a Mississauga-based integrated media company that specializes in TV production, commercials, promos and music videos for clients such as RBC, Toyota, Dempsters, and Nissan, to name a few. Khalid has produced several TV shows like Apna Punjab, Hooray Bollywood, Spotlight and One Man’s Story. He is also a consultant with Ethnic Channels Groups for their South Asian programming strategy and marketing. Khalid has been an integral part of the execution of tourism-friendly festivals in Toronto and Mississauga such as Taste of India Food Festival, Mahostsav, and MISAFF.

Shruti Ganapathy

Executive Director

Shruti Ganapathy is a marketing and social media aficionado, passionate author and digital storyteller who loves to explore and share stories about her community in Canada. She has worked as a Media Consultant to help market and promote a number of organizations and events across the GTA including the PFLAG Mississauga Chapter, Markham Arts Council Annual Fundraising Gala, TD Festival of South Asia, Annual ANOKHI Awards, and Dance Diaries among others. Shruti has valuable experience working in key roles, writing grants and raising funds for not-for-profit and charitable organizations.

Zainab Yusufzai

Vice President

Zainab Yusufzai Siddiqui is a documentary film-maker who has tackled a range of social issues such as climate change, women’s empowerment, and AIDS awareness, through her films. An award-winning radio professional, Zainab’s endeavors have been supported by the United Nations. The first Executive Director of Canin Cultural Council, when not making films, Zainab can be found with her canvas and paintbrushes. She is an ardent advocate of all causes related to arts and culture and has supported many emerging artists from all artistic backgrounds.

Hitesh Sharma


Hitesh Sharma is a business strategist with expertise spanning media sales, marketing, distribution, programming, and digital campaign management. As the Regional Head of India’s premier television channel in Canada, Hitesh is adept at revenue management, content creation, digital campaign and social media management, brand marketing and channel distribution and has received numerous accolades and awards for his contribution to the organizations he has been associated with. When not at work, Hitesh loves to explore the world.


“Every artist was first an amateur” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Canin Cultural Council Events

Canin Cultural Council believes that events are the easy and yet effective way to achieve all of the goals listed in our mandate. Events allow for artists of various genres to connect with their audience to showcase their work a wide cross-section of the population. Artists participating in these events receive an honorarium paid by Canin Cultural Council.


“A picture is a poem without words” - Horace

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