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Today, there are many ERP/MRP systems available that are designed specifically for small businesses. These software solutions are affordable, easy to use, and provide small businesses with functionality that was previously available only for large enterprises. Master all your different inventory types with a tool that gives you real-time insights into your inventory movements to eliminate stockouts for good. If you have ever tried to order a specific product only to be met by an “out of stock” pop-up, you know the frustration of not being able to find what you need when you need it. This is called a stockout, and it can be very costly for businesses. Not only do you lose the sale, but you also damage your reputation and risk losing future business.


An shortage may also mean the company loses the customer or the client will order less in the future. There is no generic number for the ideal EOQ number as it is simply a number that tells you the amount of annual quantity demanded of stock that you need to meet consumer demand. Some fulfillment services that have a big consumer base like to keep stock higher than their EOQ number to be on the safe side even if it means dealing with a higher holding cost. When you have just the right amount of stock, you can not only save money on ordering costs but also on storage costs that arise from overstocking.

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Economic order quantity is important because it helps companies manage their inventory efficiently. By calculating how much inventory you need on how much you are planning to sell, EOQ will help you avoid stock-outs without having too much inventory on hand for too long. The business owners can easily order the right quantities and reduce the ordering and carrying costs. This will eventually result in either profits or a balanced business.

The EOQ formula assumes annual demand for a product is relatively flat. If you are in a growing business, EOQ may not be the best way to calculate your order size, as those numbers could change frequently. There are high chances of booming storage costs if you plan to store any extra inventory. High inventory costs depend majorly on how you order, if there is anything that is damaged, the number of products that lie there not getting sold.

Minimization of the cost function

Combining scientific literature with his easily digestible writing style, he shares his industry-findings by creating educational articles for manufacturing novices and experts alike. Economic order quantity is not the best option if you are looking to exploit quantity discounts. For example, the EOQ might say that the ideal order quantity is 175 units but the supplier is offering a significant discount for quantities over 200. Annual demand is the number of products you expect to sell per year according to sales forecasts. EOQ can only be used if customer demand is consistent, e.g. there are no seasonal fluctuations.

  • A version taking the time-value of money into account was developed by Trippi and Lewin.
  • With sufficient inventory levels, you can really make an impact on the inventory management process.
  • Minimum order quantities – where suppliers demand MOQs to meet economical production goals, the EOQ is adjusted upwards or downwards.
  • The total annual order cost divided by the unit production cost should still be a good indicator of how many units can be ordered during a year before incurring excessive costs.
  • Your EOQ is the optimum number of products you should purchase to minimize the total cost of ordering or holding stock.
  • By understanding and utilizing economic order quantity, businesses can minimize the cost of holding inventory while ensuring that they have enough stock on hand to meet customer demand.

This is done on a per-order basis and includes both the shipping and handling costs. Logistics costs, warehousing space, stockouts, and overstock costs. The goal of the EOQ model is to determine the ideal order quantity you should have. This way, you can avoid businesses’ common mistakes when calculating EOQ. And with Katana’sinventory controlfeatures, you can streamline your operations and save time and money.

What is EOQ Formula – Learn How to Calculate Economic Order Quantity

The countless hours spent on route planning and optimization, take mere minutes when you have Upper on your side. Gain control of your delivery routes in the best way imaginable with Upper’s assortment of innovative features that Economic Order Quantity Eoq the cost and time taken by deliveries. At first glance, it might look as if we are assuming a zero ordering cost, but not quite so. Indeed, the framework we introduce here is relatively flexible and the order cost can be embedded into the price function $\mathcal$. $\delta$ be the delta inventory quantity needed to reach the reorder point .

cost per unit

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