How to Embrace Winter and Stay Sober

For most of us, safety and security are often assumed and seldom given a second thought – except when they are at risk. It is our first responders that step up on our behalf and go into action, selflessly. They face life-threatening situations at a moment’s notice….

What are the five stages of change in recovery?

What Are the Five Stages of Change? The five stages of addiction recovery are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance.

The causes can vary by individual, but the desire is the body craving a behavior or substance, especially if it brings about an obsessive… Addiction in women is a globally discussed topic because it has more adverse side effects than addiction in men. The results are more pronounced when the woman is in her reproductive age, and this can cause harm to her unborn fetus. Addiction and Homelessness are two of the biggest problem in society. The connection between addiction and homelessness is multifaceted, but addiction is sometimes the cause of being homeless. For anyone abusing a substance, it is a well-known fact that through time… Adolescence is a time in life where you experience and encounter a lot of things, some of these things being not so good.

Recovery is Contagious Redux

Your reframing holidays in early recovery is a crucial part of your recovery. When you suspect that your child has an addiction problem, it’s sometimes difficult to come to grips with the concept that it is happening to your child. You may even question whether they have a problem at all, or if they’re simply “being a teenager”. Addiction is a compulsive, substance-seeking behavior found in individuals who show signs of withdrawal when use is stopped.

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Medical detox is done so your body can be cleansed of the toxins… Many people, addicted or not, believe that being under the influence of drugs and alcohol and other substances leads to more fun experiences. Even those without addiction have the tendency to supplement most activities with alcohol or other substances in order to…

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These irrational, negative, unhelpful thoughts are also known as cognitive distortions. When this happens, try to ground yourself and reframe your thoughts to reach more neutral, reasonable thoughts. You’re worth taking the to look after yourself.

  • Recovering from addiction involves changing behaviors and beliefs in ways that lead to long-lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol.
  • You should be proud of the goals you have reached thus far, but know that there is still work to do up ahead.
  • It’s a difficult trait to come by and own after admitting drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, but necessary to fully engage in the recovery process.
  • If you start feeling uncomfortable at a party or gathering, will you have a way to leave?

Ironically, in order to really progress in recovery we need to learn how to sit still. Internalized stigma can lead to status hierarchies and aggression toward members of one’s own group. Members of one recovery pathway claiming superiority over another is analogous to status-based skin tone gradations dating from African American slave communities. Verbal attacks between representatives of different recovery pathways are psychologically analogous to Black-on-Black crime.

Who Does Addiction Hurt?

Many people have mental health issues and don’t even know it because they haven’t been professionally diagnosed with them. This often leads to them attempting to self-medicate to try to treat the symptoms on their own. Unfortunately, self-medication often leads to… Relapses are common when people are in recovery because they make the mistake of trying to battle their addiction on their own. It’s important to know that there is help available to make the recovery process easier for you. 12-step programs have been shown to be very… Being surrounded by your family can be very stressful and overwhelming.


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