Programs and Events

Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, to inspire and motivate.

Artist Diaries

The Artist Diary is a list of very talented individuals such as musicians, photographers, painters, illustrators, videographers, and more! Each artist will be featured in the diary and will highlight a list of their accomplishments, the work that they have published and a detailed description of themselves. It is so important to continue to connect with people and share different talents with one another!

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Tribute Concerts

Every Canadian artist deserves a chance to showcase their talent. Our Tribute Concerts are our flagship concerts series where we local Canadian emerging talent gets to share the stage with world renowned artists and performers, in an attempt to get great Canadian emerging talent in front of a global audience. Past concerts have had a viewership of over 5000 people watching which gives great credibility and exposure for our local talent.

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Support Our Canadian Artist (SOCA)

Annual Fundraiser

1 in every 116 Canadian workers is an artist. The country greatly benefits socially, culturally, and economically from the collective output of its artists.  Yet, as self-employed individuals, many artists are not eligible for government income support programs, leaving them vulnerable. Canin Cultural Council and Artists & Artisans Development have partnered to launch SOCA – Support our Canadian Artists, and annual programming and fundraising initiative to allow artists to continue earning income while creating works of art.

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Art Talk

Our effort to connect local artists with each other, be it visual, literary or performing. Art Talks are informal meet up events where artists come together to enjoy coffee, cookies and network with their peers. Our aim is to allow for creative conversation that will spark new ideas. We hope ArtTalks will be the birthplace of many new innovative and creative ventures.

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Christmas Bazaar

A time for our local artists to showcase their artistic goods during the festive season where the local community gets the opportunity to buy unique handmade goods created by local artists and artisans. The markets are a fun addition to the festive season within the local community.

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Our podcasts are a fun way to learn about the journeys of emerging and established artists in the community. Hear what challenges they faced, how did they overcome them, what were their biggest failures and what does success mean to them.

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BIPOC International Film Festival (BIFF)

Our newest addition to our programming initiatives – BIPOC International Film Festival – where we show content created exclusively by BIPOC Film Maker from around the world. Stay tuned for more details.

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