In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Canin Cultural Council in association with Arts and Artisans has launched SOCA - Support Our Local Artists, to provide immediate, urgent support to new and Canadian artists in Ontario. Due to concerts, gigs, TV shows being canceled due to COVID 19, the diverse artist community are at the crucial stage where they need help and support to carry on with their art. With fundraising through SOCA, we will be helping the artists with monetary and other things they require to produce new work and market it. Please donate generously to help our local Canadian artists


1 in every 116 Canadian workers is an artist. The country greatly benefits socially, culturally, and economically from the collective output of its artists.  Yet, as self-employed individuals, many artists are not eligible for government income support programs, leaving them vulnerable. Canin Cultural Council and Artists & Artisans Development have partnered to launch SOCA - Support our Canadian Artists, a fundraising initiative that will allow artists severely impacted by the cancellation of performances and productions, the closure of venues, and the loss of teaching opportunities to continue earning an income while creating works of art.


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